A Robin Monarch Novel (Volume 3)

With the help of his team, Monarch breaks into the legendary Christmas party of Beau Arsenault, a shady investor and behind-the-scenes player at the very highest levels of power politics. Arsenault is not above bending or breaking the rules if there’s illicit profit to be made. Monarch has decided that those illicit profits will be better used to take care of orphans and street kids.

Using the party as cover to break into Arsenault’s secret vaults, Monarch comes away with two unexpected things. One is a bullet—he gets shot when he’s caught trying to escape with tens of millions of negotiable instruments. The second is a lead on what might be his most audacious exploit ever.  A previously undiscovered tribe in South America may well have the secret to the most sought after knowledge in history—that of eternal life.  And Robin Monarch must use all his skills—as an operative, as a thief—to keep this secret from falling into the worst possible hands.



A Robin Monarch Novel (Volume 2)

While conducting top-secret negotiations aboard a tanker in the South China Sea, the U.S. Secretary of State and the foreign ministers of China and India are kidnapped, and the tanker they are on is hijacked. The “Sons of Prophecy” take responsibility and issue an ultimatum: If their demands are not met in seven days, the three will be beheaded live on the Internet.

With the presidential election in only eight days, sitting President Sands, about to leave office, calls in former CIA operative and master thief Robin Monarch and convinces him to save the diplomats before the threatened execution.

Monarch and his counterpart, a mysterious Chinese agent named Song Le, embark upon a dangerous journey into the underbelly of Southeast Asia, a world of corrupt Vietnamese Army officers, fanatical pirates, Hong Kong triad leaders, and volatile mercenaries living around the red light districts of Thailand.  As they get closer and closer, with time quickly running out, Monarch learns that the daring kidnapping and ransom pot diabolical plot is only a front.  Behind it is another plot, one designed to alter the outcome of the election itself, a conspiracy that reaches deep inside the White House, back to the very people who hired Monarch in the first place.



A Robin Monarch Novel (Volume 1)

Two years ago, Robin Monarch was a top level CIA operative—perhaps the best they had when it came to black bag operations. Then one day, in the middle of an operation, with his team around him in the field, Monarch walked away, leaving his old life and friends behind without a word of explanation.

Now this ex-soldier, ex-operative, and orphan with a murky past is a thief, stealing from the super-rich and has surfaced in St. Tropez. But when a complicated, high profile jewel heist goes wrong, Monarch is led into a carefully woven trap designed to force him to complete the very same mission he walked away from years ago.

It will take all of his skills (as well as those of the team he burned) and all of his cunning, if Monarch is to thwart the violent and deadly goals of the very powerful cabal who will do whatever it takes to bring the very dangerous “Green Fields” technology under their control.

The Escape Artist

The Escape Artist

A Robin Monarch Short Story

“A compelling, page-turning blend of spy and caper fiction: it’s Robin Hood for the twenty-first century.” –Jeff Abbott

Mark Sullivan, the co-author of James Patterson’s Private Games, has, in Robin Monarch, created a compelling new hero. Monarch is a world-class thief and a highly skilled operative – a man with skills, a rigid code of honor, powerful friends and implacable enemies.  In ‘Escape Artist,’ Monarch’s abilities– and his nerve – are both tested when he takes on an impossible mission to stop an assassination plot that’s about to unfold, when all anyone knows for certain is the target.  To save the diplomat who is in the crosshairs, Monarch must arranged to be locked up in a foreign prison, so that he can get close enough to the one person who knows the details of the assassin’s plans.  Then, once he learns those details, Monarch must escape from that high security prison in time to thwart the killer.

Robin Monarch – called “one of the most compelling heroes since Jason Bourne” (Lisa Gardner) – is introduced in this chilling, nerve-wracking story.

The Art of Rendition

The Art of Rendition

A Robin Monarch Short Story

“With Robin Monarch, Mark Sullivan has created a Jason Bourne for the new millennium” —James Rollins

Monarch is a world-class thief and a highly skilled operative – a man with skills, a rigid code of honor, powerful friends and implacable enemies.  In ‘The Art of Rendition,’ Monarch is an agent for the CIA, called upon to use his unique skills to kidnap and interrogate a Russian nuclear scientist suspected of selling technology to the Iranians.  But that’s only part of the challenge – one that many trained agents could handle effectively.  They’ve called upon Monarch because, after the interrogation, he must return the scientist without the Russians, the Iranians, or the scientist himself ever knowing he’s been grabbed.

Meet Robin Monarch in “The Art of Rendition,” a thrilling, compelling story which showcases the author and character, each at the top of their form.



by Mark Sullivan

BROTHERHOOD, The First Robin Monarch Short Story

“Diabolical! Filled with twists, turns, crosses and double-crosses, Sullivan delivers a harrowing international thriller” —Lisa Gardner

Robin Monarch is a man with a complicated, secret past and a very grim future.  Currently locked up in the USDB—the military supermax prison known as Leavenworth—the CIA offers Monarch one shot at freedom and a pardon.  All he has to do is steal something from a highly secure position at ground zero of a war-zone and escape undetected.  But this isn’t Monarch’s first time at this sort of dance—as an orphaned teen scraping for survival on the streets of Buenos Aires he was involved with the Fraternidad de Ladrones—the Brotherhood that schooled him the art of deception and survival. But his initiation rite is to take all the skills he has learned, and all the nerve he possesses and steal something of great value under impossible circumstances.  In both cases, success will require everything he has—skill, wit, endurance, and intelligence—and means survival and freedom.  And failure…failure is to lose all that he has.

Introducing Robin Monarch (“a Jason Bourne for the new millenium” —James Rollins) in the first in a series of standalone short stories.

Think Bourne. Think Bond.  Think better.

Triple Cross

Triple Cross

by Mark Sullivan

It’s New Year’s Eve at the Jefferson Club, a luxurious private ski resort in the mountains of southwestern Montana. Seven of the world’s wealthiest men and a U.S. Senator are among the guests gathered in the ballroom of the club’s spectacular main lodge for a private party.

Expensive champagne flows and multi-billion dollar deals are getting done, when, at the stroke of midnight, a ruthless and well-armed militia attacks the club. Self-described anti-globalists, they intend to to put the wealthy patrons of the club on trial for crimes against humanity, live on the Internet for all the world to see.

As the first trial unfolds, it becomes a new-media sensation, with tens of millions of viewers who are allowed to vote as jury members. It seems harmless, funny, until one of the tycoons is convicted and put to death just as stock and bond trading opens for the New Year. The markets are rocked by the execution, and start to plummet as more of the billionaires are put on trial.

The only people who can prevent an outright market crash, stop the madness, and uncover the true reasons behind the brutal attack are Mickey Hennessy, the club’s director of security, his three fourteen-year-old children and Cheyenne O’Neil, an FBI financial crimes specialist.

Ultimately capitalism and anti-globalism collide with stunning consequences in a searing narrative that’s a lean blend of suspense, dark humor and explosive action, as well as a novel that raises compelling questions about who the real criminals are in a world where financial markets can be manipulated on an unfathomable scale and a powerful few profit at the expense of the many.

The Second Woman

The Second Woman

A Seamus Moynihan Novel

San Diego Homicide Detective Seamus Moynihan thinks he’s seen it all when it comes to human violence, but a naked man killed in a snakebite ritual might be his most gruesome case yet…

Moynihan’s search for the killer will propel him on a journey through the underground world of ancient eroticism, black-market reptiles, and religious cults, ultimately leading him to a Biblical scholar whose theories about the dawn of time provide a surprising link to the current investigation. But can Moynihan preserve his own sanity while delving into a secret as old as Cain?

To solve this brutal case, Moynihan will have to reckon with one of the great mysteries of the ages:  Who was The Second Woman?

“Pulls you guts-first right through to the back cover. I loved this book.”—#1 New York Times Bestselling Author Nelson DeMille 

“A dazzling and intelligent thriller.”—Internationally Bestselling Author Lynn Hightower



In this heart-stopping thriller by acclaimed author Mark Sullivan, marine biologist and cave researcher Whitney Burke vows that she will never set foot underground again. Still traumatized by the tragic loss of her assistant on her last expedition, Whitney can only watch from a distance when her husband and daughter agree to join a NASA-sponsored caving trip.

When the expedition is seized by a band of criminals—effectively holding her family hostage—Whitney must surmount her all-consuming fear and put everything on the line for her family. Battling her own terror and the paralyzing elements of the subterranean atmosphere will take all the knowledge and strength Whitney has in this high-stakes tale of adventure.

“Expertly crafted, [LABYRINTH] is one of the most exciting yarns of this millennium. Brilliantly told and realized. A great read.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Ghost Dance

Ghost Dance

When struggling filmmaker Patrick Gallagher fishes a mutilated corpse out of a river, his retreat from life takes a sinister turn. After destroying his own career, Patrick had hoped to lick his wounds in the quiet of a small New England town, but the ghostly secrets of Lawton, Vermont prove all too ominous to allow for serenity.

In the course of the investigation, Patrick befriends local policewoman Andi Nightingale, who is haunted by her own troubled past. As the suspense builds, Patrick and Andi are drawn into the shocking legacy of the town’s shared-guilt over a crime kept hidden for a century…

History, spirituality, and death all merge in this spellbinding thriller from acclaimed author Mark Sullivan.

“A grisly tale…a web of destruction that includes government assassins, spiritualists, and even Sitting Bull’s niece.”—Chicago Tribune

“Mark Sullivan combines poetic writing with eerie elements of mysticism to fashion yet another fascinating thriller.”—New York Times Bestselling Author Tess Gerritsen

The Purification Ceremony

The Purification Ceremony

An LA Times Best Book of the Year

The product of a long line of hunters, shamans, and healers, Diana Jackman grew up surrounded by wilderness. A natural-born tracker, she and seven other hunters have gathered in the remote and treacherous snow-covered tundra of northern British Columbia in pursuit of white-tail deer. And while the group may be isolated, they are not alone.

Deep in the woods, a vicious force watches, waits, and stalks its targets.

When the hunters become the hunted, Diana will learn—for the first time in her life—what it’s like to be prey. In the blinding white wilderness of the Canadian winter, one by one, the members of her crew are stalked by a ruthlessly efficient hunter. Diana soon realizes that her only options are to kill or be killed—and she’ll have to draw from all the knowledge and skill in her arsenal to survive the predator lurking in the trees…

Finalist for the Edgar Allen Poe Award for Best Novel 

“Outstanding. A real old-fashioned thriller.”—Los Angeles Times

“Superbly written. A remarkable book.”—London Literary Review

Hard News

Hard News

A cult-classic among journalists, acclaimed author Mark Sullivan’s ode to the newsroom has never been more relevant.

In this riveting thriller, journalist Gideon McCarthy is burnt-out and struggling to keep his life together after years of chasing deadlines. The competition is ruthless, the quest for the next byline relentless.

But when a series of murders rocks his Southern California beat, Gideon soon learns that there is a dangerous line between truth and journalism…

Sinking his teeth into the news story of a lifetime could prove to be Gideon’s career salvation, but when a deranged killer is at large, and digging too deep puts a target on his own back, Gideon must decide just how far he’s willing to go for the sake of the story.

“A great, great read.”—#1 New York Times Bestselling Author Michael Connelly 

“Captivating and memorable. An excellent mystery.”—Publishers Weekly

The Fall Line

The Fall Line

A New York Times Notable Book of the Year

Adrenaline-junkie Jack Farrell tanks his promising investment banking career when he launders money for a notorious drug cartel. On the run from both the cartel and the FBI, Jack finds temporary refuge in the quiet of Utah’s mountains. With a new identity and surgically-altered face, he may have narrowly escaped his old life.

 But can he run from his own destructive nature?

Bored in the anonymous safety of his new reality, Jack quickly finds himself drawn to Inez Didier, a mysterious French director documenting the high-stakes lives of the world’s most daring skiers. As Inez pulls Jack further into her work, he struggles to keep his thrill-addicted temperament in check.  But when the darkest secrets of his thorny past begin to surface, Jack’s life may once again wind up in freefall…

“Not many investigative reporters have the sensitivity and poetry that are exhibited in this exciting story of dare-devil skiing.”—The New York Times Book Review